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Yakima Halfback Trunk Bike Rack

The Yakima Halfback 2 bike Trunk mount is a top-of-the-line surrogate to increase your bike storage capacity and make storage management easier, the Halfback Trunk Rack is available in black and gray and is a top-rated alternative to increase bike storage capacity without having to remove and replace all of your bike's hardware. The Halfback Trunk Rack also features a built-in water bottle holder and a yoke handle for straightforward access to fare machine payments.

Yakima Halfback Trunk Bike Rack Amazon

This Yakima Trunk bike Rack is top-of-the-line for 2 cars, it's sturdy and can hold a wide variety of bikes, from small cars to large ones. It's a splendid substitute to keep your cars clean and free range on the road, the Yakima Halfback Trunk bike strap Rack is an unequaled choice to organize and protect your bike. This Rack features three bike capacities, so you can always have the necessary pieces on hand if you ever need them, the shirt pocket design means that you can always know where your bike is at all times. This Yakima Halfback Trunk bike Rack is a first rate alternative to keep your bikes safe and secure, the Rack is available in black and is exceptional for carrying your between your two cars. This Rack is in like manner top-notch for carrying your when you're not home, the Rack as well facile to set up and is top-of-the-heap for 2 bikes. The Yakima Halfback 3 Trunk bike Rack is a splendid surrogate for shoppers wanting for a bike Rack that offers practical storage and convenience, the Rack options with a substitute of both standard or tall bins for storage. It also comes with two heavy-duty straps that make it uncomplicated to get your bike onto the rack.