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Hollywood Racks Over-the-top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

This Hollywood Over The Top bike Rack is puissant for adding some extra storage to your bike, it's over-the-top trimmed design allows you to store your bike comfortably in one place, and The included straps make it effortless to wear it at home. Bartering for quality biking? This Hollywood Rack is a top-of-the-heap addition to your bike.

Hollywood Racks Over-the-top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Amazon

This Hollywood Over The Top Trunk bike Rack is a first-class alternative to keep your bike securely stored and available when you need it, The Rack is Over The Top Trunk Mounted with a comfortable, non-tacky shoulder and is reachable with one hand. The Rack also includes a built-in water bottle holder and a variety of other utilities you can use to keep your bike organized and dry, it is over-the-toptrunkmounted and gives you an outstanding look at your bike in a real-time view. Plus, it gives two independent tension straps to keep your bike in place, for cycling pleasure, The Hollywood racks is a built for The big-screen filmmaker. This bike Rack is all The necessary ports and slots to accommodate a mountain bike, on or off The bike, The Hollywood racks is characterized by its over-the-top trunk-mounting ability and its ability to accommodate a variety of bike sizes. This Hollywood racks is an 6-pack bike Rack that is designed to over-the-top Trunk Mounted bike racks, it gives a simple design with a large "hollywood" logo. The bike Rack is produced of lightweight materials to make it first-rate for any bike, The over-the-top Trunk bike Rack is superb for adding some extra storage to your car or home.